“Continental Coffee has been a cornerstone of The Drive for 30 years and far longer than the green behemoth that sits right across the street. It has seen its fair share of cafés come and go and still remains busy with a line up to the front door some mornings.”

“I’ve been purchasing coffee from Continental since 1993. When I moved to Calgary in 1994 I had to order it and they were always so quick to mail it to me. I’ve been in Montreal now since 2000 and I still order it. It’s my ‘house blend’ and I love it. Can’t find a better coffee anywhere.”

“Our Coffee Ring has been buying Continental‘s fine coffee in bulk for many years and we are very happy with the great taste, great prices, superb freshness and top service. We phone our order in – usually around 25 pounds of various types of beans every other month – and within a week of talking with the friendly staff, our order arrives in the post office. I can tell by the aroma that it is in. I did visit the cafe in Vancouver several years ago to meet the staff and found them most obliging. The place was clean, charming and very busy. I am very happy to recommend Continental Coffee and their staff as a resource for great coffee and service.”

“I have tried espresso and latté’s around this fair city for many years and I always come back to ‘The Continental’, no matter how far I stray. At $2.75 for the ‘best latté in town’, it is certainly worth the trip.”

“Nestled at the corner of 2nd Avenue and Commercial Drive, the scenery is as interesting as it is diverse. Commercial Drive is already a thriving multicultural street and one can spend many an hour ‘people watching’ or just soaking up the vibe.”

“It’s quite possible to sit down at a table with a complete stranger and strike up a conversation. The people are just genuine and company easy going.”

C2 Continental Coffee Shop

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Commercial Drive Coffee Shop Main Street Coffee Shop

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